Cyber Security Technologies
Government & SAAS Consulting

Welcome to CyberTrust Security

Core Competencies


· Secure, federated AI

· Firmware rootkit protection

· Data fusion and integration

· Automated zero-day discovery

· Secure networking

· Post-Quantum cryptography

· Total network cyber protection

· Software reverse engineering

· Pervasive “blockchain of everything”


· AI-driven legal systems, government, supply chain, finance

· Pervasive intelligence collection and situational awareness

· AI-adaptive organizations

· Military-industrial command & control


Our Approach

Hyperconverged software enables low cost and lightning-fast development

· One stop shop for national strategic capabilities

· World’s best socioeconomic architects and software engineers.

· Cyber protection by fixing flaws in binaries without source code required.

· Strongest crypto system in the world for data storage and transmission


Working Together to Protect you from Cyber Threats across the Globe