About Cyber Trust

CyberTrust Co. is a hybrid institution consisting of software development company, a law firm, a financial services firm, a trust company, and a public-private partnership with characteristics of a government agency and a private company. CyberTrust is capable of superintending a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) and serving as a regulator of businesses and enterprises that operate within the DAO fabric.


William Dean, CEO of CyberTrust, received a JD from the University of Hawaii, an LLM from George Washington University (thesis: A Crypto/AI-Enabled International Legal System), a Master of Science in Finance from Boston College, a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Political Science from the United States Air Force Academy, and coursework in software development from University of California Los Angeles. Mr. Dean is founder of Ohana Law Firm, LLLC, which provides a wide range of transaction and litigation services for clients, including multi-million-dollar litigation against large corporations, as well as trust and estate services. Mr. Dean has nine years of experience designing complex software systems for institutions. He is also a designer of  macroprudentially sound financial and legal systems. During his Air Force career, he served as a Financial Management Officer. He provided multi-billion-dollar cost estimates for state-of-the-art aircraft in development. As a Budget Officer, he managed $35 million in operating funds for Department of Defense forces in Saudi Arabia. During law school, Mr. Dean started a biotech company and raised $2 million. As a Judge Advocate, Mr. Dean provided a range of legal services, including legal reviews of large test contracts, courts martial, and federal administrative law. He also wrote hundreds of wills and trusts. Mr. Dean currently serves as Commissioner of the Hawaii Election Commission, where he participates in supervision of the Hawaii Office of Elections, election security, redistricting, and election operations.


Working Together to Protect you from Cyber Threats across the Globe