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CyberTrust’s Project Virtuon can serve as America’s alternative to the Chinese government’s BSN network. Launched April 24th, BSN will enable a software-defined socioeconomic system, not just for China, but for the 70 countries in the Belt and Road Initiative. BSN should serve as a Sputnik moment for the United States. BSN has the potential to supplant the dollar as the primary means of global exchange, which would reduce the standard of living of the average American by 50% or more. Project Virtuon is orders of magnitude more sophisticated than BSN, and Virtuon will be able to help the U.S. and other countries remain independent of China’s BSN system. CyberTrust’s artificial intelligence system integrates law, government, central bank digital currency, and capital formation. These complex functions are already fully programmed within this system’s default AI core, so that the system has fully enabled an AI-driven legal, government, central bank digital currency, and capital formation system.

A. A system for credit enhancements
This system will provide credit enhancements for the financial institutions in the Federal Reserve System, including foreign countries aided by credit default swaps, to reduce default rates in accordance with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Stimulus Act (the “CARES Act”), section 4003(b). CyberTrust’s economic system will generate economic activity from the bottom up so that businesses can repay loans.

B. Digital dollar platform
This system is not a digital dollar system and it does not conflict or compete with any known digital dollar project. It can and should be used to undergird other crypto fiat systems and cryptocurrency systems. This system is a broader platform that may underpin many simultaneous digital fiat currency systems chosen by the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and other central banks. Merging this system with the Federal Reserve’s digital dollar system will enable suggestions and matches to be accompanied by transfers of money to strengthen incentives and provide for rapid adoption of this system by population groups. This system uses the Information Interchange Standard (IIS) to establish a single federated logical graph database processing engine that uses vertices and edges within the graph database to approximate real economic actors throughout the economy. This system allows the Fed to directly control the number of dollars in circulation and the number of dollars banks can create (and destroy) through lending activity. Persons may also use CyberTrust’s digital wallets to establish their own personalized currency and propagate subdivisions of those currencies to whomever they choose and according to any algorithm they choose. Graph processing engines will be able to easily compute exchange rates among all these personal currencies. This plethora of personalized currencies is macroprudentially sound in that it solves a wide range range of previously unsolved economic problems. Personalized currencies are easy to implement in software. The ability of people to control their own currencies will provide them with a high degree of autonomy that will rapidly hasten societal buy-in to the system. In general, most people will choose to either not create their own personal currencies, or choose to denominate their personal currencies in a common currency according to a platform operator’s computed exchange rate.


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